Friday, March 23, 2007

Flower Book

Here is a book that I did that goes with the flower frames. i love making books that are different and really enjoying this. I have to say thank you to my cousin in Cali for the idea and kinda scraplifted it. Hope you enjoy these images.

12x12 Disney Pages

Here are a few 12x12 layouts I did of my Disney trip from 2005. Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Disney Scrapbook

Here are the pagees to my Disney Scrapbook that I did. this is from our trip in 2005. My goal was to get it finished before I go to Disney this year in a few months. So guess what i accomplished my goal and here are the pages from it. And if you were to ask me what I used on them… that is my number one weekness and I can not tell you. If anyone has any tips on how to keep track of what you use on the pages please let me know to make my life easier thanks and enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My bathroom

I thought I would share this with you, this is a picture of part of my bathroom that my husband and I just finished re-painting. I LOVE IT and never want to leave. It just feels so peaceful and calm in there that it is a get away for me to relax and enjoy.

Flip out Book

Here is the cover design for one of my Flip out Books that I did for Christmas. I love doing these books cause they are so much fun to do with all there twists and turns and all the fibers and ribbons that you get to use on them. They are great as gifts for loved ones and I was able to make a bunch of them for the people in my office building. Love you guys for letting me design and create awesome books for you to your specific needs.

Paradise Island Bahamas

One of my layouts from our trip to the Bahamas last April. I tried to get as many photos as I could on this layout.

My Three Boys

Here are some photos of a scrapbook that I had started of my boys. There are only two of them in here cause I did not have my third one at the time that I started this one. Soon I will take photos I have done with the new little guy. And if you were to ask me what papers I used and all the embelishments I really could not tell you.

Hershey Park Layout

Here is a layout that I did digitally. Even though I am a graphic designer I really never do my scrapbooking digitally I prefer to do it traditionally with the three dimension and all the bumps and lumps on the pages. To me it just does not feel and look the same when you don't do it that way. So here is pretty much the only layout that i have done this way and probably the only one that I will do like this.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Glitzy Flower Frame

Here are some photos of my Glitzy Flower Frames that I will be teaching in a class at Scrapbook Delight

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