Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exciting news!!!!

I have been waiting to share this with everyone out there and now I can!!! OK another post that is a yippy yahoo yippy jump up and down in excitement. Ok maybe not you but I am. Last year I was asked to submit some of my work to be published in a book and now I finally can share it all with you and the book is: PAPER CUTS, 35 inventive projects!!!! HEHE yup I finally did it and made it into a book. I was and still am so excited that I finally was able to make it into a book with my work. Yes I do work very hard at what I do and put MANY hours into what I do and it has paid off with someone noticing MY work and wanting to publish it. So here are the pictures for you to enjoy as much as I do looking at my work in it.

New Die Cut designs Just added

Here are a few new designs that I just added to the shop. More will be added during the week so keep checking back:
Scrapbooking scroll - hearts-a-swirlin - black
Scrapbooking scroll - peacock feather swirl - black
scrapbooking scroll - peacock feather swirl - sage

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amazing layout…

Here is a beautiful layout from Wendy that she sent to me using the scrolls in the shop. She used Flyaway in brown, Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Scrapbooking Scrolls 1 - Bright Green Set of 10 and Mini Scrapbooking Scroll 2 - Electric Blue. I love the colors and how she pulled them through out the whole layout. Thank you for sharing this with me and now everyone can enjoy it as well!!!!


…is this!!!! I'm pretty excited to see this that I am listed as the #1 seller for paper goods on ETSY!!!! Yahoo, yippy jump up and down for joy!!! Sorry yes I am happy about it as you can read. After putting a tracker on my etsy site to see how many page views and how people find me you get to see where people are checking you out and it is pretty interesting to see all the referring sites and I would have never found this either. So I am just posting this cause I am pretty excited that people love my hard work. Stop by the shop as I will be adding new designs again!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Necklaces added to the shop

Here are a few more necklaces that I just added to the SHOP. Keep checking back as I have to ton of them to get up on the site just need to take pictures of all them. Here are a couple more ENJOY!!!!

New Die Cut designs Just added

Here are a couple more new Die Cut designs that I just added to the shopso stop on over and check them out. All the die cuts are sold a very reasonable pricing and it is so worth buying more designs as the shipping is not that expensive when you buy multiple pieces. So what are you waiting for hop on over to shop, it is just a click away!!!!! P.S. there are over 400 designs in all different colors and the colors can be changed to ANY color that I have so you are not limited to what you see. (just ask and you can have the die cut in the color you are looking for) HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just added in the shop are GLASS PENDANT NECKLACES!!!! These necklaces will add that special something to your outfits. Come on over and take a look at them. These necklaces are very strong, sturdy and made to last. They have a glass pendant hanging with matching beads to compliment each pendant. More will be added in the next few days.


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