Saturday, February 21, 2009

*******EARLY MARCH MADNESS ******************

From now till the end of March on my Etsy site I am running a special so run over and grab some goodies and in return you will get some more goodies:

When you buy $20.00 worth of scrolls you will receive 5 scrolls FREE, YES FREE, picked out buy me. So happy shopping. (So you will get your order plus 5 extra scrolls).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Magistical Memories 2009 release is out!!!

You have to run over to Magistical Memories to get your hands on these AMAZING new releases!!! They are out of this world and so worth it. Here are photos of them, so get creative and try out these new products!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And the winner is.....

Jo said...
What do I love? My husband (obviously), our daughter (unendingly), our dog (foolishly),my purple sparkly car (naturally), granola slices (maddeningly) and your scrolls (covetously).I feel a purchase coming on!

February 8, 2009 6:30 PM

Thank you to my husband who just picked the winner. I printed them all out and cut them and folded and went down to his office with every comment in a bucket and he was the one to pick the lucky winner. So Jo, email me at with your information so that I can forward your information so you can get a prize pack from Magistical Memories. I thank everyone for there comments and for all the lovely things that they love. I hope everyone has a Happy valentines day!!!!

For the question that everyone always asks: "how do you adhere your scrolls to layouts?" well i use glue dots, minis, and pull them apart so that I can fit them in the tiny spaces and the bigger areas. I do not put them all over the scrolls I just put them in certain spots so that areas are tacked down and that seems to work great for me. I use to use the Sailor ball glue pen so you can use that also but sometimes it dries to fast for me so I like the glue dots a lot. hope this helps.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Giveaway time....

well its that time to have a giveaway. The lucky winner of this giveaway will get a great prize package from Magistical Memories with LOTS of goodies in it. So all you have to do (since it's February and everyone loves someone, even a dog, cat, friends ...) is leave a comment to this post about someone you love and/or something you love. could be something about scrapbooking that you love, your pet the you love and of course that special someone in your life. So you have until the end of this week Friday february 13th to post something here and the winner will be picked on saturday february 14th. Good luck!!!


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