Sunday, February 17, 2008


Still going with the Disney layouts!! LOL Sorry if you are tired of the Disney themed layouts but I really want to actually finish up on a vacation and scrap all the photos we took. Eventually I will be done with them but who knows when. But hey they are giving you ideas and inspiration I hope.

Now down to the details of the layout: I used on here four different papers with blue and green tones in them and punch a whole lot of circles out. Glued them down in a row on top of row pattern to get the over all look of the background. After they were put down then I trimmed the excess of the circles that were going over the edges to make a clean cut. I simply matted the photo with black paper and angled it on the sheet. (Sorry I like angles) but before i glued the photo down I used the circle photo frame from my etsy shop and instead of using it as a photo frame I used it as a corner accent. Added some bling to it and that part was done. Then I added the glitter letters to it and arranged them normally and side ways to have a little more fun with the layout. Well thats the story with the layout and I hope that you are inspired to try something different.

Some might say that my layouts never follow the same pattern and certain style but that is what I like that I have fun with all my layouts and like to try something different. Sorry but being an artist I love trying new things all the time and I am not afraid to play. So I hope you try different things and like doing crazy stuff. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A SHELL of a good time...

... yup that is right a SHELL of a good time. That is what we had 2 years ago in the Bahamas.

Well today while in the store a passed some shells and the light bulb went off in my head and thought, wow I can make a book out of this. So at first I picked them up and then put them down. But while on line I went back and picked them up again and thought to myself you know what you can make this work. So when the husband came home from doin some work I said can you drill some holes in this for me so that I can make a book out of it. And of course he looked at me funny but he did it. So after a few hours of playing around and figuring out how I was going to do it, it is done and I am so excited about it. So now you can enjoy it as well as me. (Hint Hint: I might put up a kit on my etsy so that you too can make the book).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good News...

Well yes I do have good news and I have kept it to myself for a very long time and do you know how hard that has been. Well the news is...

yes, if you look there are my scrolls on there and do you know how excited I am about this. A LOT!!!!!!!!! The first row fourth photo, the second row first photo and the third photo, those are MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are Ironworks - rubons, Spastic - rubons, and Tweet Tweet - rubons done with Bo Bunny Press!!!!!!! I am so excited about this whole adventure and it was killing me to not be able to say something until the debuted at the CHA show this weekend but yes I did keep my mouth shut and well you guessed it, it is finally open and speaking about the whole thing. So I hope you can now enjoy some of my scrolls as rubons soon once they are out in the stores. Well have a great weekend like I am having.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Magic Memories

Yes that is what they are... Magic Memories. Oh how I wish I was there right now, looking at all the photos and scraping them just makes me want to go. Yes we are big kids at heart and have a great time there.

Well on this layout I loved the paper that I used and did not want to cover it up so I left most of it visible and put the focus on the bottom left hand corner. I used my bo bunny flexi ruler to trace the arch in the paper and cut the photo in that same arc so that it would flow with it. I added flowers around the edge of the photo with stones in them to add a little more to it. AND in the bottom right hand corner of the photo is one of my scrolls from my etsy shop and look at what YOU can do with it. I took ribbon that had the colors of the paper in it and weaved it through the cut outs in the scroll and I LOVED how it came out. Then I added the Disney epoxy center and it just pulled it all together.

So I hope with all these layouts using the scrolls I can give you ideas as to what you can do with them. Trust me there are lots of possibilities with these scrolls.


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