Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halloween Kit

Well I finally got the Halloween kit up in the shop and this is what it contains:
1 - 12x12 Die cut full web page - black
1 - 12x12 Die cut spider page - black
4 - Die cut Cat/Web Circle embellishment (orange, green, purple, black)
1 - MINI Scrapbooking Scroll 43 - Sage (set of two)
1 - Scrapbooking Scroll Damask Burst - Black
1 - Scrapbooking Scroll 9 - Bright Green
1 - Scrapbooking Scroll 9 - Orange
1 - Mini/medium Green Scrolls - set of 10
1 - Scrapbooking scroll border - Birdivine - Black
1 - Scrapbooking scroll - Cinda - Medium Set of 2 - Black
1- Scroll Circle photo Frame - 6 - Black
2 - Orange 12x12 sheets
2 - purple 12x12 sheets
2 - bright green 12x12 sheets
1 - orange pearlized paper Bazzill
2 feet bright green ribbon
4 feet black and orange ribbon
2 feet happy halloween ribbon
2 feet orange fibers
1 package halloween colored stones
1 package orange and black stones
1 frankenstein wooden painted head
1 witch wooden painted head
1 laser cut wooden happy halloween embellishment
1 laser cut wooden haunted house embellishment
1 white scalloped circle
1 black scalloped circle
1 square envelope with half circle flaps that fold inwards

THere are only a limited number of kits so when they go they are gone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Construction book…

…from Magistical Memories. Here is the acrylic book that I designed for Magistical memories and finally finished this one and put ALL my fibers on it. Ok yes I am i n love with LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of fibers on my mini books to cover the rings. So I guess that does state that I have millions of fibers any want to contribute to the addiction go right ahead. LOL So the book is from MAgistical Memories and the scrolls that are on the pages are from my etsy shop. I have not done a lot of acrylic books yet and I am very hesitant to do them cause I'm not sure if there is a right way or wrong way to do them but as an artist there is never a wrong way to anything. So to me I did it the correct way. Hope you enjoy all the pics of the book.

Yes it is pics of our house from when my husband was building it to the finished house. Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Items in the Shop…

… and they are holiday and NEW MINI's. Yup lots of the original designs are now showing up in MINI format and there are a bunch of HOLIDAY pages that are being created. SO hop on over to: and check out all the new things that are popping up over there.

Also don't forget about the specials that are going on as well. Please read below for the specials.


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