Tuesday, December 19, 2006

9/11 Mural

Here is the mural that I did for my husbands station for one of our friends that died on 9/11. This took me a few months to do so that I can make it as perfect as I can since it will be up on the wall in the fire house for many years. This is dedicated to our great friend Peter Brennan. I love him and miss him so much and wish he was still here cause we had such a great time together and made people laugh.

This painting took many steps to finish and to get done and approved by the guys at the fire house. I did a bunch of different drawings for them and showed them all to them at a meeting and then they decided to take a few designs from each of the drawings to come up with one. In the end it turned out great and they love. Next on the menu for me is to do there hulk emblem that they have for there patch that I also designed for them and paint it on the wall next to this one over a different door way. I LOVE doing murals that are big cause for some reason I can't do them small. I guess it gives me the freedom to express myself in a big way. As I start and finish the next mural I will ad it to here also.

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