Sunday, December 2, 2007

Patrick Nagel Painting of lady - Original by me

Here is another painting that I did that is the style of Patrick Nagel. I did this awhile back before I was married and in art school. I love this painting so much because Iof the fsct that I did it clean cut unlike my usual paintings where I am more free with my style. I love painting and I have an urge to do another painting and have everything waiting for me to do it. And I will be doin it a little diferent from hom I normally paint and I am going to be painting the painting with my fingers and hands and no brush. It is an idea I have and want to see it through. So as soon as I get that one done I will post it up on here as well. Also this acrylic painting of the lady is also for sale as well as the other one that I posted. So if anyone is interested please feel free to contact me by email at to get more information on this painting.

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