Saturday, February 9, 2008

A SHELL of a good time...

... yup that is right a SHELL of a good time. That is what we had 2 years ago in the Bahamas.

Well today while in the store a passed some shells and the light bulb went off in my head and thought, wow I can make a book out of this. So at first I picked them up and then put them down. But while on line I went back and picked them up again and thought to myself you know what you can make this work. So when the husband came home from doin some work I said can you drill some holes in this for me so that I can make a book out of it. And of course he looked at me funny but he did it. So after a few hours of playing around and figuring out how I was going to do it, it is done and I am so excited about it. So now you can enjoy it as well as me. (Hint Hint: I might put up a kit on my etsy so that you too can make the book).


Shelley said...

WOW! This is relly unique. I love it. Great job!

wowedout said...

wow ! i love this idea, why can't i think of stuff like this ?

scrapwitch said...

now that is soooooo coool..great idea

Κατερινα said...

I am speechless!
I will definitely scraplift and copy that!


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